All Natural Artisan Jerky

We hand-blend our signature marinade combining fresh celery juice, carrot juice, ginger, garlic, soy sauce, hand-brewed worcestershire style sauce and natural spices. We hand trim U.S. All Natural Choice Angus and marinade for 12-16 hours to achieve the desired flavor profile. Our NSF commercial dehydrators do the rest and about 7-8 hours later we test our jerky for the ideal texture profile. Once cooled, we then package our product and flush each bag with nitrogen to sustain product freshness.

All Natural Artisan Pickles

To ensure quality we hand select premium fresh cucumbers, green beans, habaneros, garlic, beets, cayenne, hot pepper, arbol chiles and more. Our ingredients are also carefully chosen from local suppliers. Each variety is independently processed in small batches, contains absolutely zero preservatives.